What’s Next?

“Go for it now, the future is promised to no one.”  Wayne Dyer

Today people who have finished with one career are eager to apply their accumulated skills to continue earning a living and/or contribute to building a better world for future generations. Since actuaries say we may live to 100, and researchers say we can expect to spend 6,000 days in “retirement,” it will take careful consideration of your next steps.

We like to call this stage in life “rewiring” as it is a time to reflect on a strategy for what you will accomplish next. This strategy involves more than just a positive attitude or wishful thinking. Your success depends on a plan — setting goals, recognizing your fears, and bringing your aspirations to life. A plan to do all of the things you’ve been wanting to do but have been putting off until “after I finish working.”

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Planning for non-financial aspects of retirement

Soon after you leave your career behind, you will have the freedom to be in charge of your next journey — making your own decisions; being in control of your time; taking on your obligations and following your desired interests — if you plan for success!

Rewirement is a series of workshops that will help you plan the non-financial aspects of retirement. Planning that is essential toward fulfilling the next phase of your life and helping you design the life you want.

During these workshops, you’ll learn that retirement is more than just money; it’s a complex transition. Share your experiences with others, flesh out your ideas and evaluate your options about what is important to you.

During the REWIREMENT workshops you will:

  • take time to reflect on what you will accomplish next
  • understand what needs to be done toward the next phase
  • learn and apply ideas from others who are in the same boat or have gone before you
  • clarify your vision of “life after work”

Through these eight facilitated sessions you will be encouraged to think and reflect as you explore, examine and understand:

  • Managing Change
  • Your Next Journey
  • Your Future Lifestyle
  • Your Wellbeing

And go away with…Your Game Plan!

Come join us! End your career on a high! Build a Rewirement Plan that will allow your transition to be fulfilling and satisfying for you!  Future workshops to be announced.

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