Frequently asked questions about hiring a Professional Career Strategist:

What is a Career Strategist?
Career strategists work with people in transition. They focus on the clients’ objectives in career exploration, career planning, job search, and desired advancement. They provide focus and steer clients to make positive changes in their careers and lives.

Why should I hire a career strategist?
Professional Career Strategists network with HR managers, recruitment consultants, and employers to keep up to date on Industry Options to make sure you know about:

  • Labour Market Trends
  • Potential Employers
  • How to approach potential employers
  • Current salary ranges

Marketing yourself is often difficult, and a career strategist can assist and support you in your efforts to:

  • ensure that you are applying for the right position,
  • create marketing materials (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn) that are current and powerful,
  • provide a leg up in interviewing for positions that interest you, and
  • assist you to negotiate what you are worth.

What parts of the career search process are addressed in sessions?
A professional career strategist recognizes that everyone is unique and there is not one solution for everyone! They will tailor an approach that fits you. A good career strategist will work with you to set targeted objectives, build skills and confidence, and create realistic action plans.

When should I hire a career professional?
The best time to establish a relationship with a career professional is early in your desire to find new work. If you wait until you are in ‘panic mode’ it may take longer to conquer anxiety, emotion and/or desperation, and lengthen your search.

What qualifications should I look for in a career strategist?
Be sure that your choice of career professional has been certified by a reputable organization. Each province in Canada has a certification process for career developers.

How long will the sessions go on?
The relationship with a career strategist depends on what clients need and want to do. Every client is unique and the process should be personalized to each individual, hence my offering of tailored career packages. The objective is not to set up a dependency on a career professional but to share knowledge and current practices in looking for work. What a client requires may be covered in a few hours or sometimes several hours, depending on the need for ongoing guidance and feedback.

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