Career Packages

1. KickStart Career: Master Resume

Create Professional Resume in a results-oriented format including Value Proposition/Profile; create Cover Letter; develop a LinkedIn profile

  • Meeting by phone, email or in-person (up to one hour)
  • Design and development of draft Master Resume ( 2 rounds of edits)
  • Development of Cover Letter template
  • LinkedIn Profile


  • Entry Level/Student  $695
  • Mid-Level                      $895
  • Management-Level    $1,295
  • Executive-Level          $1,495

2. Job Search Tools

Edits and Final Copy Targeted Resume & Cover Letter

  • Rewrite resume and/or cover letter to target a specific position
  • Meeting in person, by telephone/online to clarify career history, skills offering, desired work goals.
  • First draft of professional targetted resume
  • Discussion of changes desired in the first draft (1/2 hour max.)
  • Final draft of resume
  • Tips for making your applications targetted

Fee: $800.00

3. Targeted Professional Package

Develop Targeted Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile + coaching

  • Thirty-minute meeting to determine relevant competencies required in position description and viability of the application
  • Completion of a client questionnaire
  • Tailor current resumes and cover letter for specific positions
  • Review LinkedIn
  • Submit the first drafts to client
  • Edit first drafts
  • Final Draft of targeted documents
  • One hour – coaching on job search strategies

Fee: $950.00

4. Career Testing and Interpretation

Myers Briggs & Strengths testing – Understand who you are – a personal and professional identity

  • Administration of Myers Briggs instrument and collation of specific TYPE interpretation
  • Print out of TYPE results and specific applications (Report: 10 – 15 pages)
  • Evaluate Strengths and tie to employment
  • Applying Type and Strengths  to various work situations/possibilities
  • Interpretation of Type and Strengths in 1:1 meeting (11/2 hours )

Fee: $650.00

5. Setting a Career Direction

Career Change – for future career possibilities

  • Exploring your values
  • Determining skills and transferable skills
  • Identifying prospective work areas
  • How to conduct Labour Market research
  • Creating your value proposition – LinkedIn profile
  • Reviewing your resume (editing and rewrites are extra by the hour)

Fee: $800.00

6. Job Interview Coaching

  • Before the interview –  Putting Your Best Foot Forward
  • During the interview –  Strategies for answering common, behavioral and situational questions – Interview Workbook
  • Practice answering interview questions (1 hour)
  • How to negotiate what you are worth

Fee: $550.00

7. Professional Biography

Entrepreneurs, Senior Executives

Fee: $500.00

8. Group Sessions

For 6 or more people. Classroom sessions on career exploration and job search strategies.

Fee:  6 days  $4,500.00


We can design a tailored strategy for you.  A number of packages/options can be combined to create an overall Career Exploration and/or Job Search strategy. Ask us for a quote.

Changes to subsequent targeted resumes and cover letters are charged a minimum of 1 hour ($150.00)

The fee must be paid up front.

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